Come to find out, my trailer is a "Romany" and not a Sovereign. Basically it's a scaled down version of the Sovereign without alot of the gadgets. They only made the Romany in 1975 and from what I'm told stopped making them due to no demand......

Doesn't really make a difference in what I'm doing, but it's good to know anyways.

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Not a lot of progress today, but did get some good advice from Air Forums that I'll try next weekend. I'd love to get my hands one a would make this so much easier :)

I emailed Airstream today to ask about the repairs on my frame and if they made a kit for what I'm trying to do.

Here's a new look at the deflection on the frame:

Well, that's about it for today. Next weekend may bring some news that the shell has been removed and I'm welding the frame.......I hope.

Only about 15 days until I head up to Kentucky, Maryland and Michigan.......I'm going to be driving like 2500 miles!!!! Wish that I had my Airstream to follow me :(

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My new stove/sink combo. Just won it on Ebay. It's a Smev, which is an Italian company. I'm really impressed by the looks of the unit and it closes up for a flat surface when not in use. I've seen a lot of good reviews on this and think that I'll be happy.

Haven't got the frame out yet due to the rain, but hopefully this weekend, the frame will be out. My friend who's going to help/teach me weld is getting ready to move to Florida, so need to hurry and get the darn thing out!

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Lot's of progress today, but had to suspend actually removing the frame due to lack of a precious resource........time.

Here's where I'm at with the frame removal:

The only thing that I have to build now is braces for the front and rear ends, otherwise I think that this will hold. I gave it a small test run and lifted the curbside about 2 inches and then lowered it back down. Made some scary noises and got the heart pumping, but my braces seem that they will hold the weight.

Over this week I'll be making the braces for the front and rear and looking at pulling the frame on Friday or Sunday. Until then I'm hoping that theres no wind storms brewing on the horizon because the only thing holding my shell on is the weight of the shell on the outriggers

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Did a lot of work today. Started at about 9 this morning and stopped at 4. I thought the weekends were suppose to be relaxing :)

I've almost completely got the shell support on and will complete tomorrow. I just ran out of energy working today. I just hope that my design will hold the weight of the shell. That will be tomorrows worry, though.

I'll get some pictures put up tomorrow of my design. Until then, it's time to take off the boots and maybe have a beer, but then I'll probably fall asleep on the couch.

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All right!!! I wasn't on a sabbatical, really. I've just been prepping my frame for the new pieces and awaiting my new cross-members.

I've also come to the decision to pop the shell off and pull the frame completely out to ease in the repairs that I'm going to undertake on the frame and ensure that they are done right. I'll be heading out to the local lumber store tomorrow to buy the lumber and start making the braces for the shell. I've been reading up on bracing the shell and will go with the saw-horse design that I've seen in other posts. I'm thinking that 3 "sawhorses" on each side will be enough to hold the shell and I'll run some 4x4's along the length of the inside to hold the braces.

For the braces, I'll be bracing every other rib and securing that down to the 4x4. This might be over-doing it, but I don't want an upside down shell laying in my driveway

I've already received my new outriggers that I ordered from Out-of-Doors mart. I was surprised in how quickly they shipped. Thanks Dan...

One of my Seabee buddies is going to come over and help/teach me to weld the cracks in the frame and reinforce where the cracks are, as well as the outriggers that I have to replace.

I'm hoping to get the frame out this weekend. Suppose to have a 70 degree weekend, so the sun and heat will be a welcomed change.

Otherwise, just been ordering new parts. My kitchen is starting to look like a store room for trailer parts. Here's a list of new things that I've gotten:

- Fantastic Vent Fans (2) One for the front and the back
- New 6 gal. Water Heater
- Outriggers (various)
- Crossmembers (2)
- LED lighting for the interior and exterior
- Progressive Dynamics Power Converter All in one system
- new tail light lens
- lots of rivets
- lots of Vulkem
- cleco's for when I start the interior
- POR-15 for the frame
- Axles (haven't bought yet, but will be soon)
- PEX tubing and fittings for fresh water system

There's a bunch more stuff that I've bought, but the list would be quite long if I listed them all out. I'm going to buy new aluminum for the belly skins, as they were pretty corroded and a little mangled from removal (I used brute force to get the mid section off). I'm thinking of getting this through my local Fastenal store, as they said that they can get it within a week. Doe's anyone else know of a good supplier of alum. sheeting?

But that's where I'm at. I was planning on taking my A/S to the Kentucky Rally, but I'll be camping instead. I may try to borrow a friends SOB trailer to go, but haven't decided on that, yet. Don't want to add dullness to all of the shinny trailers that will be there

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