Well, It's been almost 2 months since I last posted here, but I havn't been slacking, I swear

I've actually re-worked my shell bracing a bit and added some more stability to the screw/nail points.

I've since got the 4x4's underneath, going to add some bracing for the end caps and I should be ready to go.

I do have to come clean, though. After doing some additional research in lifting the shell, I didn't realize the the plate up front where the 7-way connector is, was riveted to a plate that is welded to the frame. This could have been why I was having sooooooo much difficulty getting the thing to lift up front

So this weekend, or possibly during the week, I'll get the chisel back out and get those rivets off.

I feel alot more confident in lifting it after reading up some more. The only thing that I fear now is we just entered the hurricane season and I'll be headed out to Guam in a couple of months for a 6 month deployment.

I'm hoping to at least get the tanks and flooring back in before I leave so the thing has some stability while I'm away, otherwise I'm going to have to hog-tie the entire thing to the ground

I'll keep you all posted and again, thanks for all of the assistance thus far.

Posted by CrazyCorpsman Monday, June 8, 2009


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